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Solution - Automation

AdviNow Medical's Artificial Intelligence revolutionizes how patients engage with healthcare providers.
Our doctor is always "On Call".  On Call is an artificial intelligence application that conducts the medical examination by asking detailed questions, instructing and monitoring measurements and then sending the diagnosis to a provider for review. The provider, now armed with all relavent data can deliver the most accurate, low cost diagnosis and treatment quickly. 

Patented pending innovations across diagnostics, medical measurements and treatment technologies
fundamentally lower costs in clinics, emergency departments and other medical offices, while improving patient satisfaction and treatment outcomes. 


AdviNow Medical's "On Call" application is also used outside the clinic with well known telemedicine video providers to automate and improve the performance and accuracy of video centric telemedicine calls while reducing malpractice liability. Physicians now feel at ease using telemedicine with "On Call".


AdviNow Medical's goal is to make primary care available for anyone anywhere at a reasonable cost.
We deliver healthcare technologies that provide diagnostic, monitoring and treatment services in multiple languages and countries.