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Why Automation and AI

Global Crisis

The rising cost of health care compounded with the shortage of providers are causing the system to reach a breaking point. Unfortunately, the aging population and chronic illness explosion are pushing more patient needs on an already strained system.   Families and nations are overwhelmed.

Transition to Urgent Care for Primary Care

The shortage of primary care physicians leads to difficulty securing appointments. Walk-in urgent care is now primary care for over half the population. The preventative medicine and doctor patient relationship of the past is disintegrating. 

Not Only a Patient Crisis

The Primary and Urgent care offices are squeezed between every increasing costs,  regulations and continually reduced insurance payments. 

Everybody Loses

With very little profit left in primary care, most doctors are choosing to specialize, creating an even greater shortage. If the business model of primary care is not fixed soon, we can not expect the costs of maintaining health to go down.